Ti Pémiši Kšichtni
The Bohemian History

Boiohaemia - Roman Empire province

Emperor Tiberius was the first Roman ruler, who thought between years 15-20 EC about a conquest of terrotories above Danube to enbody them into Empire, but the political and military circumstqances did not allow that.

After the invasion of Marcomans and other Germanic tribes into the Roman province Pannonia, emperors Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus launched a counterattack to repulse them back behind the Danube. In order to prevent further invasions from this territory, they decided to conquer the territory north of the Danube in 175 EC. Because of strong support of Senate, Marcus Aurelius succeeded. (POD: senator Tercenarius *there* decided to fund the conquest of the new Northern provinces instead of peasant rebellion in Aegyptus and Avidus Cassius usurpation in 175 EC). So, Rome had two new provinces, Boiohaemia/Marcomania and Sarmantia, both belonging to Senate. The western border was Bohemian-Moravian Upland, the Northern border Gesenke (Jeseníky), the Tatras and the Dnester river, and the Eastern border the river Prut. Capital city of Boiohaemia/Marcomania was Brennum (Pryn), of Samartia Samara (Satu Mare). Because of continuing invasions of new Germanic tribes from the north, the provinces Boiohemia/Marcomania, Sarmantia, Pontus and Dacia were abandoned by emperor Lucius Domitius Aurelianus in 270 EC. However, the already romanised population was able to hold successfully, because of their organisation and technologies, for quite a long time.

Jan Havliš, Jan van Steenbergen, Ferenc Váloczy 2003-5