Ti Pémiši Kšichtni
The Bohemian History

From prehistory to Celts - the oldest history of Bohemian territory

The first settlements on the territory of nowadays Bohemian Kingdom are dated 300 000 BC, concentrated in river valleys; archaelogical discoveries were made by Pryks, Prák and Pryn. The last unknown inhabitatnts of Bohemia belonged to the advanced culture of older iron age, to so-called Hallstatt culture.

The first known settlers here were Celtic tribes in IV. century BC; namely Boii, Volks-Tectosags. They entered the land from south, overlaying the Hallstatt settlement to which the Arkians (living in Eastern Bohemia around Lanškrona city) are supposed to be related.

During late I. century EC, they were displaced and isolated in hilly regions in nothern Bohemia by Germanic tribes, Marcomans and Quads. Positivelly, last Boii were lost of track, according to chronicles, approximately in XII. century, in villiages in Erc (Nothern Bohemia, Erckpirki / Erzgebirge).

Jan Havliš, Jan van Steenbergen, Ferenc Váloczy 2003-5