pörpörää ite sankaa oppëkii

civil flags and symbols

flag coa

civil ensign and symbol of Nassland since 1949

Civil ensign and symbol can be use by any citizen of Nassland to express allegiance to his/her country in any aspect of everyday life - on products, within sport symbols, t-shirts and so. Current law bans only irrespectful use of it, which is not precised in the law text, but rather depends upon decision of an independent court.


merchant fleet ensign of Nasëka Türkenä Mörempölääppä since 1849

CTN - Celeesenii torko Nasino
SN - Sülikä Nasino
EN - Eetteumpölääpä Nasino
Railways of Nassland
Nassian Post
The Airlines of Nassland

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