Nasëkii citää, pörpöraa ite sankaa

Nassian coat-of-arms, flags and symbols

flags of Ill Bethisad

flag coa

state flag and coat-of-arms of Nasëku Eesemirü since 1849

State flag and coat-of-arms are used to symbolise the state and its representatives, so its use is limited. Other Nassian organisations do use civil ensign and symbol. Since Nassland does not have a president, this flag is also used for prime minister as for a representative of state abroad.

flag flag

flag of Baltic League and Nassian Baltic flag 1721-1940, 1953-today

Nassland uses flag of Baltic League and Nassian Baltic flag whenever there is a occasion to be represented as a member of Baltic League.

pörpöraa ite citää eetenii - pësso eetiskö, eetenä mörempölääppä, eetenä eettümpölääppä
military flags and CoA - army, navy, airforce

pörpöraa ite sankaa oppëkii
civil flags and symbols

pörpöraa ite citää tikenii
historical flags and CoA

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