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history of Nassland

Slavs; homeland and migration
8th - 1st cc B.C.


    The informations about the origin of Slavs are buried somewhere in eastern steppes and marshes.

    Modern archaelogical and historical science supposes that Slavs came originally from south-east. They came from behind the Black Sea, being pushed north by Scythians. Their european homeland is nowadays located somewhere around the headspring of Dniester, Bug and Vistula rivers. Less about that is known from the rare artifacts found, more is deduced from later migration directions.

    Pressure of nomads from south and search for new settleable locations pushed Slavs to move further. They move primarily eastwards and around 8th cc B.C. they settled a vast area, surrounded by Finno-ugrians on east and northeast, Balts in northwest, several nomadic tribes on south and already settled west parts, where they were many Germanic and Romanic tribes.

    Another push, by means of population growth, resulted in ca 6th - 3rd cc B.C. to expand more. As the archaelogical discoveries show, Slavs expanded in all directions, following mostly the rivers.

    The last two waves of Slavic migration has different causes. The first one, in about ca 1st cc E.C., was high probably search for new territories, as it will be discussed later. The very last wave was due to the so-called migration of nations in 3rd - 5th cc E.C. Slavs settled the west regions abandoned by Germanic tribes (e.g. Elbe-region) or settled with Romanic/romanised population (Veneda, Romania). They have invaded Balkan and attacked Byzantine Empire.

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acknowledgments: Kristian Jensen, Jussi Santeri Junttila, Jan van Steenbergen