Ti históriši pemiši vapni, fáni unt sympóli

Historical Bohemian coat-of-arms, flags and symbols

Coat-of-arms of important royal houses in Bohemian Kingdom: Přemyslids, Luxembourgs and Jagelonians

Bohemian Kingdom was ruled by four royal houses during its history, excpet for short rule of Heinrich of Carinthia. These houses were Czech house of Přemyslids, later by Luxembourgians and thereafter by Venedo-Lithuanian House of Jagelonians. The fourth and still ruling house is House of Habsburgs.

Flag and coat-of-arms of Königreich der Böhmischen Kronländer 1939-1949

Bohemian Kingdom under German occupation. The affiliation to Holy Roman Empire is expressed with a use of imperial double-headed eagle with Habsburgian CoA on the breast as a ruling house and by dismission of St. Wenceslau's crown in a favour of imperial crown.

Proposal of pro-SNOR flag of Czeskoslowansko 1948-1949

Bohemia was within a plan of SNOR Russia for conquest of East and Central Europe, along with e.g. Veneda, Lithuania etc. This flag was a standart of White Legion; the eagle is a SNOR-like paraphrase on Přemyslidic flamed eagle. The motto says: "St. Wenceslaus, do not let die us neither the future ones!"

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