Ti Pémiši Vapni, Fáni unt Sympóli

Bohemian coat-of-arms, flags and symbols

Flags of Ill Bethisad

flag coa coa

State flag, small and great coat-of-arms of Bohemian Kingdom since 1920

The state and its representatives are symbolised through state flag and coat-of-arms. The flag of Bohemian Kingdom is in Habsburgian colours (yellow, red, blue) and holds the coat-of-arm of the House of Habsburg (note: in Austro-Dalmatia ruled House of Habsburg-Lotringen). This simple form is also coat-of-arms of the Kingdom. The great coat-of-arms is used only within speacial occasions, it contains CoAs of all federative members (from left: Lower Silesia, Bohemia, Moravia, Lower Lusatia, Upper Silesia, Teschenland and Upper Lusatia) plus CoA of ruling house.


The presence of His/Her Majesty in the Castle of Prague (Ten Hračín) or on any official occasion where He/She is, the presence is symbolised by Royal Banner. The motto Veritas vincit (Truth wins) is a motto of the Bohemian Way as it was re-formulated during reign of king Johannes I. when creating General Bohemian Church based on hussite tradition. It comes from paper of Hons (Jan) Hus De ecclesia.

Ti kéniklichi militéri fáni unt vapni - Ten lontvér, Ti luftvafni
Royal military flags and CoA - army, airforce

Ti pýrkärlichi vapni unt sympoli
Civil flags and symbols

Ti históriši vapni unt fáni
Historical flags and CoA

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