The Butterfly, Ceindian language web site

it-Gohanbyw, Cejndijtungjix it-Sunagu-sida

Conitava, a-Sugintxin

Be welcometh, visitor

     Butterfly is a slight and fragile being of overwhelming beauty - like language is, so it seems to be a good symbol and name for our Institute. This website is dedicated to inform interested internet audience about (r)evolution of the Ceindian language.
     In this stage we can offer you a basic grammar summary with some common phrases and short sample text, plus small dictionary.
     We are planning to add self-teaching tool for those craving after their perfectness in the language, along with presentation of the gems from Ceindian literature chest.

     This is a so called literary script, it-xidxi, used for ornamental writing:


atis-Þuhis Sidajat, a-haþala

Farewell, esteemed.