Words in A., synthetic language, are created mostly using composition of basic meanings, in minor cases using derivation with determinatives serving as lexicological morphemes. A. works in creating of words with new meanings always with original roots or stems, i.e. A. does not knows loanwords, but in rich calques. Very special case of word creation in so-called unverbisation (new word is created from former word connection).
     General scheme is characterized with hierarchy of meanings, which creates the composition; composition starts with the most general class, which is closer identified with every next root or stem. The newest trend is shortening of the most general root (in parentheses).
     Besides synthetic word creation ("new words" - lajitojunsin), it can be found in poetic literary style words of pure Hibernian provenance ("old words" - lajitojuntunge) in their original form (mother - imaya >< vemi).

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