February 12 2002, 1xVD 14ADR
Editor: Zdan Meknutor

New Era of Ark

     Lot of things changed from the last edition of Imoleru. Some three years. Quite a lot of time...

     Ark Maramia is re-constituted and running.  All the direct democracy institutions are established. Arkians made great things: the Cartographic Institute finished the detailed mapping of the territory, Language Institute works hard on the last version of literary Arkian, Historical and Archaelogical Institute catalogised all old material, our fine art gallery Unseen Mouse will be enriched in a short time with new exponates. Time is pretty running in productive efforts. We also expect soon to invite a new citizen!

      Unfortunatelly, the contacs to other such subjects are almost lost. Except for contacts with Textor and Polyphony, there are no other relevant partners. It is sad, no ideas to be shared, no pushes for progress...

      Anyway, for those interested in, do not hesistate and contact us!

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