political system of Ark Maramia

tomae an er ark maramia

name of country:
official: er ark maramia, Ark Maramia, The Maramiate Ark
short form: Ark

type of government: commonwealth

capital: er taksil
independence: foundation day July 7 1995

national holidays:
Raka's dinas (the first sacred half-year beginning): January 7

Verki Day (beginning of our history): July 1 (1978)

Pon's dinas (the second sacred half-year beginning): July 7

constitution: nomabi (the written law), October 19, 1999

legal system: constitutional direct democracy

head of state: artbiark (council of Ark)

spiritual leader: ir maram (maram)

legislative branch:
bills are proposed by any member of the council of Ark (CA), for the approval is necessary the complete consensus.

executive branch:
permanent commissions of CA (for foreign affairs - CAFA, for trade - CAT) serve to fill up the sentence of the acts. PC may also propose bills concerning their matters.

judicial branch:
the arbiter in the arguments between the citizens is permanent commission for conciliations - CAC.

political parties: none