lamaram an er ark

marams of ark

     Maram is a spiritual authority in Ark, maram is entrusted and iniciated into the Mission (ratolbi) to lead The Seconds (laidoutdou) and The Thirds (laidoutrax) to The Fourth Worship (xevafolbi). Ze is revealed together with hir sagen and eksesagens (sagen is always the rightful successor, eksesagen becomes sagen if sagen becomes maram or dies) by the tunolbi an lagark (Collegium of garks) using the Gerd power. If the line of sagens in succession ends and there is an arist (recognised spiritual authority on the territory of Ark Maramia), ze becomes maram. If there is no arist and no sagen, Collegium of garks has to search for a new maram.
     Tradition of marams goes deep into the ancient times, when the kastrubi (sacred Building) was erected in Taksil by unknown people far before the arrival of Verki population to the Lands of the Taksil Circle in -35ADP (1978).

     List of marams, with sagens and eksesagens:

mythical marams
maram, sbro, voint, zdan etc.

historical marams

I. maram arr vemitunge imaarr
        raue raksmalbi 1986?; pine er derbiz 1987

orr masgen vemitungeuirr (son); rauesagen 1987

   : the first historical maram
   : terminal period of Vitgan Empire
   : development of Peraemen Empire

II. maram orr masgen vemitungeuirr
         raue raksmalbi, 1987; approx. 3 months; pine er derbiz

   : foundation of sand town Venemrit (venemritbi)
   : accepting Vitgans as original local population

III. maram orr zirsiaz imaorrmisezi
    raue utanebi, 1988; 1 year; nuie
    sagen arr misezi zirsiazuirr (sister); rauesagen 1988, raucoe 1988

   : the first maram of Manakva
   : exploration of Manakvan territory

IV. maram orr mauretien imaorrmisxuen
      raue uredilbi, june 1989, pine september 17, 1990, er taksil
     sagen arr misezi mauretienuirr (sister); rauesagen june 1989, raucoe 
september 17, 1990,
         eksesagen orr misxuen miseziifilorr (son); raueeksesagen june 1989, raucoe september 17, 1990,

    : wittness of Aigleran supremacy

V. maram arr minde imaarr
      raue er lanbirst, july 1991, pine october 10, 1992, er derbiz
     maramse arr thapeni imaarr (sister)
     sagen arr linde mindeuirr (daughter); rauesagen may 5, 1992, raucoe 
august 3, 1992
     sagen orr camfour mindeuirr (son); rauesagen august 9, 1992
         eksesagen arr pasgene camfourifilarr (daughter); raueeksesagen 
august 9, 1992

                                                      : foundation of town Taksil (er taksil)
                                                      : conflict with sister resulted in temporary co-rule

VI. maram(se) arr thapeni imaarr
     raue er lanbirts, july 1991, pine september 28, 1991; er taksil

    : patron and marthyr of Tasservanians

VII. maram orr camfour mindeuirrpasgene
      born raksmalbi, august 9, 1992, raue october 11, 1992, pefe october 16, 1994, died november 7, 1994, er taksil
      sagen arr pasgene mindeuirr (sister); rauesagen october 11, 1992, raucoe june 3, 1994

    : codification of Kunagan language
    : taksil centralism and absolutism
    : briefly was citizen of Hibera

VIII. maram orr talerd imaorr
            raue october 16, 1994, pefe june 23, 1995

    : founder of Hibera
    : codification of Hiberan language

IX. maram or iofres mermond imaorresifere
      raue douemenbi, july 20, 1995, nuie september 18, 1996
     sagen arr esifere iofresuirr (sister), rauesagen july 20, 1995, raucoe august 9, 1996

    : foundation of Ark
    : re-discovery of Gerd magic
    : foundation of Iofres town (venembi an orr iofres)

X. maram orr sokven vroiorr
          born er vroi, 1986, raue august 23, 1996, pefe june 28, 1997, died february 21, 2000

    : the first arkian arist
    : the first maram residing out of nemarambi
    : completion of Legends of Arodgerdu

XI. maram arr icense ineksise imaarr
           raue douemenbi, june 29, 1997, pine august 19, 1997, onelaralbi
     sagen orr nemon menkverem icenseuirr (brother); rauesagen june 29, 1997

    : co-creation of inter-micronational community of United Micronations

XII. maram orr nemon menkverem icenseuirr
     raue august 20, 1997, nuie september 23, 1999

    : abolition of currency
    : Ark became part of Pentad
    : enormous expansion of Maramiate

XIII. maram arr renezi haurenom imaarrgarfel
     born neimasearbi, spring 1999, raue october 11, 1999, nuie july 19, 2009)
     sagen orr garfel lateronam reneziuirr (son); rauesagen june 26, 2001, raucoe 
october 21 – november 25 2001 (temporarily lost), april 18, 2002
           eksesagen orr ahdaib fortonam garfelifilorr (son); raueeksesagen june 26, 2001
orr ahdaib fortonam reneziuirr; rauesagen october 21 – november 25 2001, april 18, 2002, raucoe february 19, 2007
                   eksesagen orr raikpa (endegemmon) ahdaibifilorr (son); raueeksesagen june 29, 2002, raucoe july 19, 2005
                   eksesagen orr bignu ahdaibifilorr (son); raueeksesagen septemer 3, 2006ahdaib
                       sagen orr bignui reneziuirr, rauesagen february 20, 2007

  or caxaco (brother), died april 5, 2001
  ar ratolco (daughter), born may 2, 2001, left ark june 25, 2001

                                                             : enormous development of Ark
                                                             : discovery voyagesraikpa
                                                             : tubbing of Arkian Tree (tlumarkbi)

XIV. maram orr bignu renzeiuirr
      born june 2006, raue july 20, 2009, nuie august 2, 2009

XV. maram orr muido elarorr
     born november 11, 2007, raue august 3, 2009

    : the second arkian arist

raue – start of the Mission, rauesagen, raueeksesagen – start of the role for sagen and/or eksesagen
pine – end of the Mission with body found, nuie – end of the Mission without finding body, pefe 
raucoe – end to the role of sagen before becoming maram and/or end to the role of eksesagen before becoming sagen