history in Lands of the Commonwealth Circle

     History of the culture in the Lands of Commonwealth Circle (lertibi an tunoler upler nei), like history of all human societies, is rich and somehow peculiar. Senseless wars, years of prosperity, evil tyrannisers or blessed rulers are building stones of these records of time. Life as it was lived by those of us, who call them-selves Arkians. All the good things, all the bad things, but all the true things. The history presented here began in the dinas of Pon -35, i.e. in the year 1978 EC of the gregorian calendar.

     The Institute for Archaeology and History of the Academy for Science and Arts was found to study the long history of the culture in the Lands of the Commonwealth Circle, the lands where Ark Maramia lies. The history is divided into history of the Lands of the Taksil Circle (located in Horni Cermna, East Bohemia) and history of the Lands of Elar Circle (Mikulasovice, Nothern Bohemia). Discoveries made were published in several papers:

     lerti una manaqaar qvena (in hiberian, History of the Manakvan era),
     lerti una aigleror tori (in hiberian, History of the Aigleran Empire),
     tlas vjar Elar (in elarian, History of the Elar Land)
     and lertibitunge an taksiler upler nei (in arkian, Early history of the Lands of Taksil Circle).

     These papers were compiled with the newest history into the grand opus on history: kanufbi an tunoler upler nei (What happened in the Lands of the Commonwealth Circle). Short abstract from this book is present here.

[  Era Verki, 1978-80  ]
[  Era Leaveg, 1981  ]
[  I. Era Aigle, 1981-82  ]
[  Era Vitga, 1983-89  ]
[  I. Era Manakva, 1989-90  ]
[  II. Era Aigle, 1990-92  ]
[  II. Era Manakva, 1992-1994  ]
[  Era Hibera, 1994  ]
[  Era Ark, 1995-today  ]


United Verki Empire

Period from -35ADP till -30ADR (1978-80)

     In the year -37ADP (1977) was found the the first Verki kingdom called Ocsnar (Land of Fathers; located in Brno-Cernovice, South Moravia) far from the Lands of the Taksil Circle (located in Horni Cermna, East Bohemia) in the Blue Hill County (Orlicke Mountains, East Bohemia). Colonists from Ocsnar have reached the Lands of Taksil Circle in the year -35ADP (1978), they have settled there and than they have found, with aboriginal settlers, two new kingdoms: Mausipiksos and Myér. This period is called Period of Builders.

     The year -31ADP (1980) was in the sign of civil war between the king of Myér, better known under his nickname the Biter, and king of Mausipixos, which ended with the peace treaty and formation of the United Empire of Verki. But the idyll had not to last for a long time...

     There are very few archaeological discoveries from these times: so called Thallus of Sun (still can be seen in raksdarbi), dated to the -34ADR (1978), and some old maps. The main information sources are the Archives Royal (Aigler Empire), which came after the Leavegs Invasion.

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Leaveg invasion

Period -29ADP (1981)

     Leavegs were tribes living in the lands around the Gerdem, center of Verki Empire, in Garatem, Rirrem, Teral. They have smashed the forced of Verki in one decisive battle. They have run through the land, leaving only ash and ruins. The helping hand came from the Aiglers, who have managed the Leavegs threat.

     The only direct evidence about the presence of Leavegs, except for proven unnatural layer of ash on a great extent, are the ruins of the sanctuary, which lies in nowadays Forrest of Leavegs, benbi an ir leaveg.

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New Verki Empire

Period from -28ADP till -26ADP (1981-82)

     With a help of Aigler forces the Leavegs were banished and the New Verki Empire under Aigler supervision was established. The old Verki  raksdarbi (Dark Red Fortress) was renewed and the king, Edvard, has brought a long peace for the land, but also the first signs of future problems. The fast adoption of Aigler type of administration has left the unprepared population at the mercy of it and the administration has collapsed after a short time.

     From this era came the first written artifacts - The Archives Royal. They contain infromations about former states and also worth informations on the Aigler society. The most interesting are discoveries of a large deposite with banknotes samples.

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Republic of Vitga

Period from -25ADR till -20ADP (1983-85)

Skanja revolution

Period -19ADR (1986)

United Empire of Vitga-Trobi

Period from -18ADP till -14ADR (1986-89)

Republic of Vitga

     Vitgans, one of the former Leaveg tribes, harnessed the possibility to conquer the Lands of the Commonwealth Circle. The population welcome them, because of been tired by the previous anarchy after the collapse of New Verki Empire. More experienced Vitgans initially did not interfere too much in the society life and innovate it slowly. But, in fact, they also did not manage it.

     The Lands of the Commonwealth Circle became a presidental colony of the Republic of Vitga under name Ksifig (old orthography Xifig). In a very short time the might was taken over by the very aggressive JAJ Company. This major enterprise started to exploit the wealth of the country. The Vitgan governor Johanius Andreéseus Nortenis was committed to take a part in the company. He has also initiated a coup d'état, which has overthrown the republic.

Skanja revolution

     During the J.A. Nortenis' coup d'état, the Republic Skanja was proclaimed by the revolting Ksifig peer Ahil Vikvéz I. nKsifig.  The nKsifig family was one of those Vitgans newly settled in Ksifig, who has found here a new home. They actively supported the anti-Vitgan movement. The rebellion was suppressed and the initiator was exiled.

United Empire of Vitga-Trobi

     Johanius Andreéseus Nortenis as a new Vitgan king has asked the neighbouring kingdom Trobi to create a mighty empire. The Trobi king Albertus Livius Australis has agreed - the United Empire of Vitga-Trobi was found. Johanius became an emperor and Albertus became a captain, commander of the Black Guard, imperial armed force.

     In Ksifig, JAJ Company has merged with the local affiliated branche of The Vitga-Trobi Imperial Bank, The National Bank, and therefore had free field for their aims. But their ruthless money-making methods and the ceaseless violating of the the human rights in the Lands of the Commonwealth Circle led to their own end. Not even the existence of Black Guard and its terrible semi-legal police corps, can hold their positions. In the year -14ADP (1989) the rule of JAJ Company was overthrown and the Emperor Johanius Andreéseus Nortenis adjudged the independency to Ksifig. But till -4ADP (1994), the remaining bands of desperate terrorists mostly from Black Guard, especially the former high rank officer Albertus, started terrible wars upon new rulers.

     The long and violent rule of JAJ Company let rose a dissident movement under name Manakva (Highland; old orthography Manaqa). Their aims were to free the Lands of the Commonwealth Circle, and after the imperial adjudgement, the Manakva movement started to govern the land.

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Empire of Manakva

Period from -14ADP till -12ADP (1989-90)

     In the year -14ADP (1989),  the exiled elite of the Lands of the Commonwealth Circle (the Gapa Empire was the land, which started to support the Manakvan independece; located in Bystrec, East Bohemia ) has returned home and the fight against the usurpators has begun. It was not easy. Although Vitgan-Trobi Emperor granted the freedom to the Lands of the Commonwealth Circle, vile neighbours of former Ksifig, Alnebirst Empire and Black Guard, did not accept this change, only Erauntnair Empire has helped Manakva in this cause. After a long war, in the -13ADR (1990) the fortress Vsentr, nowadays Bilon, was the first free city in the Lands of the Commonwealth Circle.

     The power of new state Manakva rose. All the Tona river valley, with the city Nolajn, was now under their control. But numbers of their enemies were countless: Alnebirsts, Sterslogars and Black Guard.

     After resignation of brave founders, knights brothers Da Botners, Manakva was divided into two parts, Demblehrak and Nolago, united as a federation under rule of both new governors, Siraken and Merete.

     Achievements on the battleground and rising wealth of Nolajn lead in -12ADR to proclamation of the Empire of Manakva, containing Demblehrak and Nolago.

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Aigler occupation

Period from -12ADP till -8ADP (1990-92)

     The Aigler forces, , once fled, came back from the west. They returned and attacked Manakva. But they have never gained the supremacy over it, only west parts were under their direct influence. Demblehrak has co-laborated with new regime, but Nolago refused. So Aiglers have plundered Nolago and rased Nolajn form the map. New ruler, Harbs Rames, was aggressive soldier, wasting time in endless wars, without any care about the land and people.

     Ruling of Aiglers was in the sign of these wars, e.g. three great retributive campaigns against Tristnorzuns in south. As counter-favour, Demblehrak allowed mercenaries for Aigler army and Aiglers sold newly seized territory of benbi an manakva to Demblehrak. But this was not the only cause, Demblehrak sent their soldiers to fight for Aiglers in their wars against Lanbirsts, Polarsinars etc.

     Aiglerian boodlust lead to several serious mistakes, which proofed to be lethal for the Aigler ruling in the Lands of the Commonwealth Circle. Ineffectual campaign against Lanbirst Empire has turned into their counter-invasion. Only big chunk of money kept this threat off. Because of his disability, Harbs Rames was changed for Mitsart Leones, but too late. Collapsing economy and the last, magalomaniac, war with Notem Empire resulted in fall of the Aigler rule in the Lands of the Commonwealth Circle.

Manakva under Aigler occupation

Period from -12ADP till -8ADP (1990-92)

     Co-laborating Demblehrak has kept semi-autonomous status, creating Protectorate of Manakva, only supporting Aiglers with money and mercenaries. Devastated Nolago, under control of the outlaw Arnam Edemis, was seized by Manakva. Although Manakva was partially free, the Aiglers disabled them to have a maram (spiritual leader). But the secret introduction was conducted in the year -10ADP (1991) and maram Mauretien, with sagen Misezi, did enter the Mission.

     1xVN -10ADP Aiglers exiled both, maram and sagen. The followers of legendary Masgen and Zirziaz has gone and great sorrow came to Manakva. It was not enough and evil Slingvogars have penetrated eastern borders of Manakva and The First Slingvogar War begun. But the brave Defence Corps managed this threat.

     In the year -8ADP, Black Guard has again terrorised Manakva for about half year. Newly introduced maram Minde with co-maram Thapeni had enough power to suppress them with help of Defence Corps. Aiglers have also recognised rising might of Manakva and did not interfere the ruling of Minde. Thapeni was missed during the rebellion of Arnam Edemis. Finally, his fortress was captured and he and his companion Albertus were exiled.

     30xVT -8ADP, the Empire of Manakva was again proclaimed and Minde became officially maram. The Slingvogars have attacked new Lateron Fortress and the Blue Flame Guard (reformed Defence Corps), and The Second Slingvogar War has begun.
     18xVD -8ADP the Aigler power fell down.

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Manakva Maramia

Period from -8ADP till -3ADP (1992-94)

     Maram Minde has quickly sized the Nolago and the Manakva Maramia (maramiate Manakva) was formed, administrated by the marams, who are introduced into the Mission by the tunolbi an lagark (Collegium of garks). In Taksil, the ancient artefact, kestrubi, was renewed, which was build up in the dark ages of the past, before arrival of Verki people.

     The beginning of a new era of freedom in the Lands of the Commonwealth Circle was not felicitous. Sagen Linde has committed crime of combination, allegedly with Black Guard, against Manakva and maram Minde 17xVN -6ADP has gone suddenly. Sagen Camfour became a new maram. 8xVL -7ADR, he has officialised the use of the language Kunagan, originated in Gapa, which was already used.

     The robbery of secret documents, prooved to be an act of Black Guard, led to The Last Slingvogar War, which has resulted in total disruption of Slingvogar Empire and their minions - Black Guard.

     In the year of -3ADR, maram Camfour has conducted the coup d'état with aim to change Manakva into absolute monarchy. No sooner than 30xVN -3ADR, the maram Camfour was forced to abdicate and Manakva fell into anarchy.

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Period from -2ADP till -1ADR (1994)

     New maram, Talerd, who has taken the power, administrated only one third of the previous extent of Manakva. He gave the land name Hibera  (Homeland). His only recordable handsel was the constitution of Hiberan, a language, the first official literary language based on local spoken languages.

     End of the Talerd's ruling was in the sign of conquesting old provinces, belonging in the past to the Manakva. He was quite successful, but he was killed in one of these wars. With him the Hibera fell down.

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I. Ark Maramia

Period from 1ADP till 6ADR (1995-98)

the PENTAD Federation

Period 6ADR (1998)

Federation Ark

Period from 6ADR till 9ADP (1998-1999)

II. Ark Maramia

Period from 9ADP till now (1999-...)

I. Ark Maramia

     One of the Talerd's officials, Fon Siraken, saved the realm from total breakdown. At 14xVA 1ADP with administrator Dou Eraunt, from the Erauntnair Empire, he found Ark Maramia found, having new maram Iofres Mermond, with sagen Esifera. New maramia was busy with covering looses done by previous rulers. Third member of the Governors Council became Ahil Vikvéz IV. nKsifig, peer coming from an old Vitgan house. They did great work and land became strong and stronger.

     But Dou Eraunt, combined with the Imperial Side, has left maramia and Nolago with him. Iofres Mermond quickly recognised insufficient abilities of Dou Eraunt and in the short time he forced him, using diplomatic channels, to demise the power in Nolago. After that, Dou Eraunt made a proposal of repeated unification with maramia to The Governors Council and it was accepted. It was the first proof of the unique qualities of Iofres Mermond as a politician. In this time, Ark has explored vast lands in neighbourhood and embodied them.

     These domains have been constituted: 20xVA 3ADP Ramarnam, former Hibera, 6xVT 3ADP Ksifig and Taservan, former Nolago, and 12xVT 3ADP Vroi. Maram was respected administator over Ark and each governor over his domain. 6xVT 3ADP was introduced the first Constitution of Maramia, for the first time defining the division of powers.

     3xVN 3ADP maram Iofres Mermond disappeared suddenly. For the period, the Vroi governor Feles Lanius Invincibilis was introduced into the Mission as maram Sokven, with the clause that he will abdicate after finding of a new maram. Finally, Icense Ineksise was introduced into the Mission on 30xVI 4ADR. New maram lead the Ark to a change of the administration type from constitutional theocracy to constitutional representative democracy in the days 1-5xVT 5ADP.  The succesfull constitution of parliament has round off the endeavour. Short time after, 7xVT 5ADP, maram has disappeared and new maram Nemon Menkverem became only state representative, although he remained a leading spiritual authority.

     34xVN - 13xVV 5ADP started the additional changes in Constitution - federalisation of the maramia. These changes were initialised by the start of the negotiations with Hrátuba to create an inter-national federation. The Ark Maramia in that time consisted of Ramarnam, Sinmaramia Ark and Vroi.

The PENTAD Federation

     In the day 6xVL 5ADP, the Federation Foundation Charter was released, which was approved 19xVL 5ADP by Hrátuba (located in Lisboa, Portugal) representaitve and thus the Federation was formed. Xapqt (located in Strawberry Hills, NSW, Australia) was the next nation entering Federation.

     But it seems that the Federation was not as stable as it was expected. The Hrátuba became be very isolationistic and Xapqt has lost its inner-stabilty. The attempts on creating wider Con-federation with Vanesia (located in Ravenna, Italy) and Reunion (located in Sao Paulo, Brasil) felt and the above mentioned problems led in the 32xVR 6ADR (1998) to the dismissing of Xapqt and shrunk of Hrátuba into isolation.

Federation Ark

     Few days later, the remaining Federation members (Ramarnam, Sinmaramia Ark and Vroi) has decided to continue the Federation, but without further attempts to invite new members. Vroi has merged with Sinmaramia, according to the promise of its Senatus related to the resignation of the former governor. The Federation contained in those days two members: Ramarnam and Sinmaramia Ark.

     As an act of consolidation of the inter-national affairs - conflict with Holy Empire of Reunion, Federation Ark became 4xVF 6ADR member of the Grand Alliance.

    At the day 1xVA 7ADP, it was exactly 40 dinases (20 years) from the day the Verki people came to the Lands of the Commonwealth Circle.

    Federation Council finally re-constituted old Federation Constitution at the day 2xVT 7ADP. The most important change was new foreign policy of the Federation - strict division of the nations to on-line (ONLN, dependent on internet) and off-line (OFLN, internet independent). Permanent Commission for Foreign Affairs retracted all ex cathedra recognitions and decided to deal officially only with OFLN, with ONLN only on particular projects, but with all members of Grand Alliance, regardless on their state.

     Kasupibiark (The Arkian Library) was found 5xVN 7ADP, library contains all kind of literature - belletry, scientific literature and various magazins, together more than 3000 books.

     At the day 11xVN 7ADP, Federation Council accepted new Federation member  - Cyber-Ark (located in Sao Paulo, Brasil), founded by Igor Alexandre. Igor Alexandre was also appointed by the PC FA as a new cyber-ambassador for Holy Empire of Reunion. Kwietslaw Lukan Vojnt remained ambassador for off-line dealing with Staat Textor (located in Germany).

     For the first time, 10xVV 7ADP, maram himself summoned the tunolbi an lagark (Collegium of garks). It is the collegium of the spiritual authorities in Ark, council of maram's advisors and organ responcible for iniciation of new marams.

     In the days 25-29xVD 8ADR it was conducted the the first state visit in the Staat Textor. Kwietslaw Lukan Vojnt met emperor Harry Wilhelm I. and Primat Dieter Hamm in Frankfurt/Main.

     The day 33xVD 8ADR was important in the history of the Federation:
     - because of the catastrofic weather, the kastrubi was ruined,
     - Cyber-Ark was expelled from Federation for harming the good name of the country. Temporarily, the cyber-embassy of the Federation was shut down.
     - Ark definitely resigned on the concept of micronations. Federation left Grand Alliance. Arkians are microethnic, created spontaneously on the base of common interests of its members.

     In the days 4-8xVT 9ADP, the second official visit of the Staat Textor was conducted. On the so-called Wuppertal Council, Kwietslaw Lukan Vojnt met with Sandra Hyodo-Keplin a Dieter Hamm. It was very fruitful meeting, rich on new ideas and new p.o.v. for our mutual relations.

     New meeting of the Federation Council 30-31xVT 9ADP proposed continuing unification of the Ramarnam and Sinmaramia to re-create maramia.

     The eleventh maram, Nemon Menkverem, was proclaimed on 7xVN 9ADP to be missing. Sagen Renezi Haurenom was initiated as a new, the twelfth, maram at the day 25xVN 9ADP. The eleventh maram will be never forgotten for what he made for Ark.

II. Ark Maramia

     During the meeting of the Federation Council at the day 33xVN 9ADP, actions toward the re-constitution of maramia begun. At 9xVV 9ADP, the new nomabi (The Constitution) was accepted - the federal administration was abolished in the favour of the direct democracy and the country was re-united under administration of the assembly of citizens - artbiark (The Council of Ark).

     Tunolbi an lagark prepared the first common concept of xetabi xevafolbul (The Way to the Forth Worship, Arkian religionistic-philosophical way), to unite the ramarnamian and ultnutian branches.

      At 18xVD 10ADR (2000), former maram Sokven died in the age of 28 dinases. To honour him, The Council of Ark approved to erect a stone pile in benarkbi.

      New territorial administration was approved by the Council of Ark on 5xVR 10ADR, which divides the Ark into integral (Gerdem, Taracit, Teral, Eigem, Arem, Aim, Rirrem, Garatem and Notem) and adhered (rakskinbi) territories. Taksil became again the capitol of Ark Maramia on 8xVT 11ADP.

     On 27xVI 10ADR, sagen Garfel Dailnerram and eksesagen Ahdaib Fortonam were found to continue the Mission.

      In the days 11-15xVT 11ADP, the third official visit of Staat Textor was conducted. Representative of Ark Maramia (Zdan Meknutor) met emperor Harry Wilhelm I., Primat Dieter Hamm and Sandra Hyodo-Keplin.

      In the days 31xVT - 2xVN 11ADP, the Renaissance Session of the Council of Ark has met. Many important new ideas were discussed (rules of conduct in CA, deeper use of Arkian language, new look on the Arkian history). Council of Ark stated that xettaurbi (The way of taur; unique creative life) is the blood in the Arkian veins rather than xetnilenbi (The way of nilen; life as a mimic of templates ) or even xetmakbi (The way of mak; empty, uncreative life).

      On 16xVV 11ADP, Ramarnamian branch of xetabi xevafolbul marked de novo all sacred places of marams with stone pilots. It also introduced new rite for worshiping them, pouring of a white powder on the pilot.

     Academy of Sciences and Arts (delkicgearitbi, DKA) was on 15xVD 12ADR reorganised and extended. It consists actualy of Language Institute (keskiccidbi, KKC), Carthographic Institute (kaskicvemabi, KKV), Archaeological and Historical Institute (kaskicumonozgekanufbi, KKUK) and newly established Institute of Natural Sciences (keskicpolibi, KKP). KKUK is further divided into two sections: Historical section (kesdakickanufbi) and Archaeological section (kesdakicumonozbi, includes pre-historical and historical research of all Circle Lands).

     Old ramarnamian cult gerdmalbi was abandoned definitely 32xVF 12ADR due to the rising influence of xetabi xevafolbul. All important artefacts of Altar of Gerd are left in town er gis.

     Important step in further cementation of arkian as a official language was decision of Arkian Council (artbiark) on 2xVI 12ADR about so-called arkian names. This rule, suggested by LI ASA, deals with giving and use of names. It should introduce some order into old tradiotional system of names, which was quite in different parts of the Lands of Commonwealth Circle. Generaly, the suffix -r is part of the attribute name (caxasee), -or for males, -ar for women. Further, attribute name is not heretible, it is individual. To express the relation to familly, father's or mother's name could be attended (caxatee) with suffix -uir. To express relation to a man or woman via partner ship, partner's is added with suffix -imaseor (for males) or -imasear (for females).

     Crisis in Arkian Council is emerging. The representatives of Taservan do not take part in all meetings, thus harming the work of the council. From 32xVI 12ADR, Council is working as Taservan representatives are excluded of community. Unfortunately, Taservan must solve its internal problems on their own.

     On the meeting of Arkian Council during 10-18xVA 13ADP, Sarken of Elar (sarken elarar) appeared for the first time in Ark and took name sarken banumelar.

     Sagen Garfel Dailnerram was proclaimed lost on 35xVN 13ADP. New sagen became his brother, eksesagen Ahdaib. Whenv Garfel appeared again few days later, clash between was eminent. There is a slander about drezgen steward Aifisen and his acts agains Garfel.

     Winter solstice in 13ADP returned ramarnamian tradition of fire in Gis. Old Gerd Altar with brass fireplace was re-installed, sacred wood poured with oil was burned and the smoke presented the spirits of marams.

     The snow storm at the end of 13ADP in Lands of Taksil Circle was unseen ever before. Lands were cut off for at least three days of world, the snowdrifts were up to five meters high.

     Language Institute issued on 5xVP 14ADR new edition of Derbizian Grammar and Dictionary (language in Ramarnam).

     Elar or nevugbi is the land of Sarken and it open a friendly relations with Ark recently. On artbiark 13xVP 14ADR it was suggested to unite Elar and Lands of Taksil Cirle.

     Ark was striked with a horrible loss, on the day 10xVR 14ADR, Nedroi Pekeriks, long time important person of Arkian community, died during riots in Railer. This is the saddest news in the long history of Ark.

     Disturbed statics of kestrubi caused again its ruination on 20xVR 14ADR. Engineers of Taservan pointed already on this state, but thev stewart did not care enough of it. It was rebuilt on 30xVR 14ADR and since 8xVF new floors were built.

     In Verza, Taservan, sagen Garfel was found dead on 30xVR 14ADR. His death was surely connected to riots in Railer. Slanders are spread, that people of Taservan are guilty of his death. Garfel was burried in Hikvesu and Ahdaib became for a second time a sagen.

     To prevent retention of water around kestrubi during spring thawing of snow, on 25xVF 14ADR, drenage works started. Three different channels were built to head to Tona river. These measures should prevent destabilisation of statics in the future. During the works, old burrial chamber of opened, till yet being below the water level.

     Maram Renezi gave birth on 30xVI 14ADR (29. cerven 2002) to her third son. New eksesagen was seen as an incarnation of Garfel and he received name The one who is back from dead – or raikpai.

     On 7xVT 15ADP (18. srpen 2002) died important Arkian scientist of Vitgan origin jogs otencoor, author of first constitution of sinmaramia, many-sided thinker, whose work lead to a current state of Arkian culture, implementing the direct democracy in it.

     Archaeological and Hisrocal Institute released Great Encyclopaedia on 3xVV 14ADR, taking resources in the six major recent publications:
- History of the Lands of Taksil Circle by tris gerdemor
- History of the Lands of Commonwealth Circle by zdan meknutor
- Geographic names – extended version by tris gerdemor
- Population in the Lands of Taksil Circle – extended version by tris gerdemor
- Various state formations on the territory of the Lands of Taksil Circle – extended version by tris gerdemor
- Nations, eclaves and associations in extended version – extended version by tris gerdemor

     To track the extreme weather changes during last dinases lead to a constitution of Hydrometeorological section of the Institute of Natural Sciences on 36xVL 14ADR.

     Sensation was the discovery of almost several hundreds of words in different documents in Arkian Archive belonging to the oldest written language in Ark - masgenian. So-called masgenian was older than use of kunagan and should be the original language of the founders of Manakva. Unfortunately, the complete grammar is lost. Hypothesis is casted, that few old settlements in Nirborg forest are populated with direct descendents of old Masgenians.

     For the third time in its history, on 12xVR 15ADP, kestrubi spontaneously collapsed. The building was renewed on 29xVR 15ADP.

     During 14xVT to 23xVT 16ADR, important meeting of Arkian Council happened:
1) sarken banumelar became new citizen of Ark.
2) Land of Elar became a member of the Commonwealth.
3) Based on an older concept, universalistic principles of Ark were approved. Any land could be part of Ark Maramia, state, which unites laidoutdou (the Seconds). Concept of integral and associated parts was substituted with equal Lands of Circles, connected with person of maram. Now they will be the Lands of the Taksil Circle, the Lands of the White Fortress Circle and the Lands of the Elar Circle.
4) Old manakvan tradition of ritual maram figures was reintroduced.


       more will come... :)