We, signataries of the agreement, confirm in this charter our aim of foundation of Ark Maramia. It is a result of our goodwill and struggle for co-operation.


In common unity
In different freedom
In everything tolerance

           Commonwealth did, does and will not have any relation neither to any canon state formation nor to their acts, but citizens of it as citizens of these canon states can have them.

          COMMONWEALTH is a voluntary association of CITIZENS based on common necessity to secure basic needs of defense against hostile outer influences and protection against unfavorable inner influences.
Commonwealth is fellowship of equal citizens, who build up the common tradition of goodwill. It is voluntarily fellowship, based on mutual co-operation and tolerance.
          Citizen can become anybody, the only condition is the honest behaviour and loyalty for commonwealth.

          CITIZEN is a member of community older than 14 years of the physical or the mental age. Citizen of the community has any possible right restricted by the same right of any other citizen only. Duties of any citizen are given by decisions of the Council of Ark. Membership is given to the children of community members or is possible to gain by acceding the community with consent of citizens as a necessary condition. Seceding from community or expelling is bound to loosing all seceder's rights and property, except for those given by the CA decision.

          POLITICAL POWER is realised by the COUNCIL OF ARK (CA).
          Participation on deciding about matters of community is the citizens' first duty. Proceedings of CA is conducted by elected SPEAKER, who summons the CA, if the count of delivered proposals gains the settled number. The bill can be proposed by any commonwealth member and that bill is to be approved to become an act by meeting of Council of Ark. Elected representative, STEWARD, is responsible for the act's application. CA carries a motion by voting using authorised ballots and decisions became legal, if all citizens agree with presented proposal. All acts are elaborated as additions to The Constitution. In case of expelling any citizen of the community is required to decide twice with the same result, the second not sooner than one month after the first decision was made.

          ADMINISTRATION OF MARAMIA is lead by THE PERMANENT COMMISSIONS (PC) elected by Council of Ark. Their power is limited by consent of community represented by CA.
          They are PCs for trade, consiliations and foreign affairs.
          PC members are selected from citizens well known through their work for community.
          Community administration secures all basic needs of any member of community equally (food, drink, clothing, housing) from community funds, basic education and training for chosen profession according to the community proposed demand. If any complain of competence of any assistant occurs, there is compulsory voting of CA to the PC position. If he is voted through, he has got the right to choose other assistant or to resign. 
Both, citizen and also society, can through judicial system call strike for those, who shorten their freedom.

          ECONOMY: All property belongs to community. An CA consent is required for allocation of things for personal need to an individual member (except those basic as above).
          Assembly votes after making application. If the application is voted through, things are allocated for permanent use. Production as a result of community members' work is a public property. Not allocated production surplus creates the THESAURUS OF COMMUNITY, that serves for an exchange (trade) with other communities.

          SPIRITUAL LEADER of Maramia is maram, nominated and introduced by COLLEGIUM OF GARKS.

         Foreign persons on territory of Maramia are under legal authority of their own country. If their behavior or acting breaks customary rules of community, they are expelled to the trial to the country of their origin for punishing. About expelling is foreign person informed by assistant for internal affairs consequently to the Council of Ark decision. Expelling of any person is mediate to all communities associated in Maramia with detailed identification of expelled person. Once expelled person is forbidden to entry territory of Maramia and in case of its return no rights are guaranteed to such a person.